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The problems with debt may be getting worse for an ever-increasing number of people in Scotland but there is help at hand.

Indeed, there are various debt resolutions available to Scots that are unavailable elsewhere.

Among these is the debt arrangement scheme which is run by the Scottish government and which is proving to be very popular with an ever-growing number of Scots who are determined to resolve their debts effectively.

Some debt experts say that there are thousands of Scots who are trying to deal with crippling levels of debt when they could be eligible for the scheme (DAS) and get on the path to sound financial health.

Under the scheme, it’s possible to stop creditors from taking action against you so you can repay what you owe over a longer period of time.

The first step is to make the call.

The only way to access the debt arrangement scheme is to contact a debt adviser and the debtor may find that their creditor suggests they contact an organisation to seek debt help.

This suggestion may come from a creditor when someone has missed just one payment but will probably happen when they have missed at least two.

The second step on the path to a debt-free life is to examine all of the potential options.

Along with the DAS, Scots can also access the trust deed which is a similar scheme in that the Scot will repay what they can afford over a longer period.

However, the subtle difference between the two schemes is that under a trust deed the amount that remains at the end is considered to be unaffordable and will be written off.

Scotland’s Trust Deed with a team of debt advisers

There is help at hand with Scotland’s Trust Deed with a team of debt advisers available to speak with on the phone.

The next step is put together a personal action plan.

The debt adviser will need to provide creditors with information of income and outgoings over the last few months so the creditors can be contacted with a proposed repayment scheme.

Should the creditors agree, the debt arrangement scheme will be approved though some creditors can refuse though the adviser could approach the Accountancy in Bankruptcy to approve the scheme instead.

The fourth step to resolve their debt problems in Scotland is to meet their creditors’ payment demands.

The debt arrangement scheme

Under the debt arrangement scheme, all of the creditors interest, penalty charges and fees are frozen when the application itself is approved.

Which brings us to the fifth and final step.

That is to meet the repayment obligations to ensure the scheme remains valid and the creditors have no reason to reimpose charges and fees once more.

For more advice and help about a DAS for someone in Scotland then it’s time to contact the helpful team at Scotland’s Trust Deed who have the expertise to explain more and help setup an arrangement.