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For those Scots who are struggling financially then there are specific routes available in Scotland to help them that are not available anywhere else.

Indeed, figures published by the Scottish government highlight the growing numbers of Scots who are looking to private organisations to help them find a debt solution.

The largest providers of the Scottish government’s debt arrangement scheme are private debt firms, despite the service being offered for free by other organisations, including local authorities.

One reason for this, say industry watchers, is that the private firms are offering a convenient service that’s easy to access regardless of where someone might be living.

Also, the service provided by Scotland’s Trust Deed’s team of experienced debt advisers is non-judgemental and impartial so those who contact the team are under no obligation to follow their advice but they will learn something.

Offer help on a trust deed

The team at Scotland’s Trust Deed can offer help on a trust deed as well as a debt arrangement scheme and also sequestration, which is better known as bankruptcy.

In addition, for people living in Scotland struggling with debts there are other alternative debt remedies available.

They include organising a debt management plan with creditors, undertaking debt write-off or consolidation or even remortgaging or equity release.

The team can also talk about informal negotiation with creditors and what someone in Scotland should do if they are considering a full and final settlement of their debts.

The big attractions for people in Scotland struggling financially is that the solutions available will help them deal with their debts effectively.

The debt arrangement scheme

For example, with the debt arrangement scheme the debtor will repay a smaller amount every month so it’s affordable but this is done over a longer period and all of their debts are repaid in full.

Alternatively, a trust deed operates in a similar way in that the debtor will repay a lower amount but for up to four years with the balance of the debt remaining then being written off.

While either of the schemes are in operation, a lender cannot hassle you and there are legal protections put in place while the repayments are maintained.

It’s important that for people in Scotland who are struggling with debts that they don’t struggle alone and seek help and advice as soon as they can.

For those who may not want to speak with the friendly debt advisers at Scotland’s Trust Deed directly, then there is an online debt test to see what potential solutions may be available.

What someone in Scotland struggling with debts can do

The Scotland’s Trust Deed also have lots of information on their website about the solutions that are available and what someone in Scotland struggling with debts can do to resolve their issues.