There are other options

Not everyone will qualify for a Trust Deed. That does not necessarily mean you need to continue to struggle making your repayments. There are other alternatives you could be eligible for including a Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) or Sequestration and you can find out more about these options on this site.


A DAS is a Scottish government-run debt management tool that allows you to make lower, more affordable monthly repayments and still pay off your debts in full by making those payments over a longer time period.

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Commonly known as bankruptcy, this is another form of insolvency. Your assets are still used to repay lenders but it allows you to completely stop making monthly repayments if you can’t afford them, you’ll usually be discharged after 1-year, with all remaining debt then being written off.

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Other Solutions

There are other alternative options available for individuals who do not qualify for a Trust deed, DAS & Sequestration. To find out more information about alternative options that could be suitable for you click on read more.

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