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For debt advice in Scotland, admitting there is a problem and asking for help is one of the best things you can do if you find yourself in financial difficulty. Ignoring the problem will lead to increases in the debt, interest, un-manageable re-financing and charges.

Scotland’s Trust Deed encourages everyone to ensure they are accessing all of the benefits and financial support they are entitled to. Receiving a little extra cash per month may just make all the difference between easily paying the minimum amount on a credit card and falling sort and getting default charges each month.

One charity in Scotland dealing with debt says it has carried out research and revealed there are 450,000 cases of benefits that are yet to be claimed.

If your family could be one of those not receiving what you should, then it’s time to act as it could make a huge difference to your lives and financial situation.

Pride and a lack of knowledge are the two main causes of people not claiming the money they are entitled to. The welfare system is in place to help the people who need it – we have all paid into the welfare scheme and so should be unafraid to ask for help at times of crisis.

Finding out more about debt advice in Scotland

When it comes to finding out more about debt advice in Scotland, the benefits that often go unclaimed are:

  • Tax credits
  • Reductions in council tax
  • Help with utility bills
  • Marriage allowance
  • Housing benefit.

The people who often miss out on the support they are entitled to are usually the following:

  • Full or part-time workers who assume it is only the unemployed who receive benefits
  • People who have newly been diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness.
  • Those who are living with a disability
  • Carers
  • Single parents
  • Parents of young children who haven’t heard about help with childcare and playgroup places
  • Individuals who are entitled to free prescriptions and/or dental treatment.

Debt advice is about more than accessing the extra cash you may be entitled to.

Debt advisors at Scotland’s Trust Deed

The friendly debt advisers at Scotland’s Trust Deed have many years of experience helping the people of Scotland with debt. What have we learnt in that time?

  • Honesty about the debt is vital
  • A commitment to saving money wherever possible is hugely important to getting out of debt and staying in the black
  • The ability to and willingness to learn how to budget will help rectify a difficult financial situation.

Honesty, day-to-day savings and living within a budget also have a huge affect on the mindset of someone who is struggling with debt. They will begin to feel in control of their situation and begin to believe that a bright financial future is possible.

For help and impartial advice about debt in Scotland and ways to get out of it – which means the possibility of a Scottish trust deed or a debt arrangement scheme – then you need to call Scotland’s Trust Deed today.