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‘Scotland’s Trust Deed’ may be the name of our company, however, we are much more than a Trust Deed service. Our non-judgemental experienced debt advisors will help you to discover and decide which of our debt management plans is right for you.

A Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) is a popular option for people needing help, support and a structured plan to get them out of debt. A DAS leads to a Debt Payment Programme (DPP) in which you pay off your debt in manageable, affordable monthly amounts.

A DAS is a financial product that is exclusive to Scotland and must be arranged by an approved organisation such as Scotland’s Trust Deed.

Do you qualify for a DAS?

Head to the Scotland’s Trust Deed website to check your eligibility and contact us for friendly, impartial and expert advice.

  • You must live in Scotland.
  • You must have money left over from bills and necessities such as food and fuel to pay some of your debt off.
  • You must be able and willing to pay off your debt in a reasonable length of time.

Why is a DAS a good idea for me?

  • Your monthly payments will be affordable.
  • The interest and charges that would ordinarily be building up will be stopped.
  • The creditors who you owe money to will not be permitted to hound you or threaten legal action.
  • A DAS is flexible within reason. If your circumstances change the payment amounts you make can be made lower or higher.
  • A six-month payment break is a possibility.
  • At the end of the DAS term, the rest of your debts will be written off and you will have a fresh start.

Are there any reasons to be wary about setting up a DAS?

  • A DAS is not free. 10% of your monthly payments will be taken to pay for administration fees.
  • Your DAS and subsequent DPP will be available to the public on an online register.
  • The credit rating of someone with a DAS will be affected for six years.
  • While there is flexibility you MUST abide by the rules and pay the expected amount on time. Failure to do so will cause the DPP to fail, interest and charges will be added by your creditors and there will be free to pursue you for the money you owe them.

How does a DAS work?

  • An amount that you can afford to pay per month is discussed and agreed with your ‘approved money advisor’.
  • The time span of your DAS will depend on how much you owe and how much you can afford to pay. It must be within a sensible length of time and cannot be over 10 years.
  • A Debt Payment Plan (DPP) is set up and your monthly payments go into it.
  • Any payments made are shared between and paid to your creditors by a ‘payments distributor’.

If you think that a Debt Arrangement Scheme and a Debt Payment Plan are a good option for you then contact Scotland’s Trust Deed to discuss how we can help.