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At Scotland’s Trust Deed, we take great pride in helping our customers back onto the road to financial freedom. Our Debt Arrangement Schemes and Trust Deeds are a great option for those in debt who are hoping to avoid sequestration or bankruptcy.

Sadly, a survey has shown that more Scottish people than ever are struggling to cope financially. The research from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in Scotland has revealed that 47% of Scottish workers run out of cash before their next payday at least once a year.

What’s even worse is that 35% of them have not bought food because of that financial shortfall. And this is only a survey of those in work – it could be higher for those not in work.

The friendly team at Scotland’s Trust Deed know, from experience, that a couple of weeks without money can lead people to turn to credit cards and payday loans in desperation. It’s these first steps into high interest credit that start the spiral into unmanageable debt.

‘Scotland is facing unacceptable levels of poverty’

A spokesman for the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in Scotland said that low pay, social security changes and a rising cost of living means that many people in the country are ‘facing unacceptable levels of poverty.’

The team at Scotland’s Trust Deed will advise that anyone struggling with making their pay last the whole month should speak to debt counsellors as soon as possible. The sooner the problem is identified, the quicker a solution can be found.

A spokesman for the Scottish Government has stated that help is available for families and individuals who aren’t able to meet their bills and basic living costs.

This aid package includes the ‘Fair Food Fund’ which promotes help for those in food poverty with the of turning Scotland into a country ‘where people have access to nutritious and healthy food’ without having to rely on emergency food aid.

It’s always a good idea to have a measured approach to financial hardship rather than panicking and turning to loan sharks and pay day loans.

Scots who are struggling financially

Indeed, we recommend that Scots who are struggling financially undertake a financial health check to ensure you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to with the hope that further debt management intervention won’t be required.

Also, the experienced debt advisors at Scotland’s Trust Deed can discuss in confidence the potential debt solutions that might be available to you to resolve your situation, including sequestration, a debt arrangement scheme (DAS) and a Scottish Trust Deed. Call the team today to find out what they can do for you.