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For people living in Scotland who are struggling financially, having to repay energy bills can be a burden and some may need to have pre-pay energy meters installed to help them.

However, there is some good news for families who are struggling since the charges made by energy firms to install the energy meter will be capped, says the watchdog Ofgem.

These prepayment energy meters can cost hundreds of pounds to be installed but this has now been capped at £150 for those customers who have one fitted ‘under warrant’.

This means the energy provider has gone to court to have the prepayment meter fitted but they are not allowed to charge extra fees since they are dealing with vulnerable people.

While struggling Scots are facing hardship repaying their energy bills, the charges, including core costs, could add up to £400 for a customer with a dual fuel deal and up to £900 in some cases.

Puts vulnerable Scots into further debt

This also puts vulnerable Scots into further debt.

A spokeswoman for Ofgem explained: “The measure will protect consumers, including the vulnerable, from unnecessary hardship because they have a meter installed under warrant.

“We are sending a message to suppliers that by using a warrant for installing a prepayment meter as a last resort they must step in and help their customers manage their debt with a repayment plan.”

The move was welcomed by one Scottish charitable organisation that said the charges being imposed on Scots made it even harder for them to manage their debts.

For people living in Scotland, there are a number of ways for clearing debts and it’s always worthwhile speaking to experts who understand – and these will include the debt advisers at Scotland’s Trust Deed.

It may be that you are struggling to keep up with a loan repayment or finding it difficult to pay everyday bills. Then there are a number of options for clearing your debts.

Friendly debt advisers at Scotland’s Trust Deed

The first step is also the most important which is to speak with someone who can offer free and impartial advice about debt resolution. This is the service offered by the team of friendly debt advisers at Scotland’s Trust Deed.

For Scots in debt there are various ways to resolve their situation and the most suitable one will depend on their personal circumstances.

Among the opportunities available is the debt arrangement scheme which is a debt management solution to help someone living in Scotland repay what they owe at an amount they can afford over an agreed period of time.

One of the attractions for the debt arrangement scheme is that creditors will no longer be able to hassle you but you must have one or more debts and the amount you agree to repay must leave a reasonable amount to pay for things like food and household bills.

Opportunity of a trust deed

Also, for those living in Scotland, there’s an opportunity of a trust deed which is a voluntary agreement between you and your creditors, that is the people you will owe money to.

Generally, these run for three years and you will repay a monthly amount against your unsecured debt.

The big attraction for a trust deed is that once this agreed period ends, the amount of debt remaining is then written off.

Again, once a trust deed is in place, creditors are prevented from adding interest to the amount owed and they cannot take legal action against you.

For more help and advice about a trust deed or the debt arrangement scheme, contact the friendly team of debt advisers at Scotland’s Trust Deed.