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For those Scots who are struggling financially then falling into Christmas debt can lead to a serious money hangover as they try to enjoy the festivities but these tips will help.

It’s important that for anyone who is in debt that they plan ahead and be realistic about any budgets they need to set.

You will need to work out how much you should be spending on each person for presents – and stick to it.

You may also need to manage expectations as to what Santa or you can give friends and family as presents.

However, it’s also important that Scots who are struggling with their debts do not forget their everyday bills.

This will include the rent, mortgage and utilities such as gas and electricity as well as food bills.

Crucial that current debts are still being paid

It’s also crucial that current debts are still being paid because non-payment can lead to severe consequences if not.

It’s important to have your priorities right, particularly at Christmas when there are more demands on any spare cash you may have.

Other tips include not having to bank on an overdraft to pay for presents and food because this will end up making things more expensive.

It’s also important to keep things simple, so if you can pay for goods with cash or a debit card, then do so.

Do not be tempted to take out extended credit agreements unless they are cheaper for accessing extra money. There’s no doubt that Christmas is a time for giving but for those in debt then you may be paying for presents and festive food that you cannot afford.

Overspending is all too easy when there are so many tempting offers to attract your attention and everyone is under pressure to buy.

Avoid getting into debt at Christmas

The guidelines to avoid getting into debt at Christmas, and into the New Year, is to plan and then budget properly and then organise yourself to avoid temptation.

For those who do get into financial difficulties, there is help and advice available including from the team of debt advisers at Scotland’s Trust Deed.

The advisers will be able to discuss confidentially things like a Scottish trust deed to help resolve your financial situation and also the Debt Arrangement Scheme.

For those with serious financial issues, then the prospect of sequestration, better-known as bankruptcy, can also be discussed.

Should you decide to speak with the team at Scotland’s Trust Deed, then you need to know that the information that is given is impartial, so there is no obligation to follow the steps that may be recommended to help solve your debts.

Advice about a Scottish trust deed

For more help and advice about a Scottish trust deed and the debt arrangement scheme then it is time to contact Scotland’s Trust Deed team.