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Searching for good advice on how to handle your debts for people living in Scotland is the first step towards financial recovery. Research has shown that it will also have positive effects on your mood within a very short space of time.

One national debt charity has reported that 60% of people who came to them for help felt that their finances improved within a few weeks of asking for guidance. In fact, one in ten of them thought that their debt issues had been totally solved within this time.

Professional money advisors such as Scotland’s Trust Deed should be the first people you talk to when it becomes hard to pay your bills and debt repayments. They have masses of experience in helping people solve their money worries and have seen and heard it all.

Once you have shared your money worries, received sound advice and committed to a debt-free future, the positive impact on your well-being will be massive. Imagine not worrying every time the phone rings or a letter lands on the doormat.

The debt charity’s report tells us that three months after asking for help, the participants in their study were sleeping better and for longer and felt much less worried. After nine months the feeling of being back in control arrived and at fifteen months the path to recovery was well established and financial stability beckoned.

Scotland’s Trust Deed gives honest, impartial and friendly advice

At Scotland’s Trust Deed we give honest, impartial and friendly advice to help our clients discover which is the best path for them. Once decided, our expert staff will negotiate with your creditors about how much you can afford to pay them back and a Trust Deed application will begin.

The support we offer makes the process much less stressful and emotional, and our clients are able to concentrate on learning how to budget, take back financial control and become confident with handling their finances in the future.

The debt charity tells us that once advice has been taken and acted upon, three-quarters of people kept tighter control of their spending and avoided credit. The road to a debt-free life is challenging and there will be difficult times.

Cutting back on luxuries and treats such as holidays and new clothes is hard but avoiding a repetition of unmanageable debt is important. Overall the mental health and well-being benefits of living within your means are worth the sacrifice.

Contact us for free debt advice

Most people having difficulty with debt will wait at least a year before asking for help. That’s twelve months of charges, interest, stress and worry. The team at Scotland’s Trust Deed urge you to contact us for free debt advice. Don’t wait until your situation begins to feel overwhelming and hopeless, do it now.